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 Submission Guideline


No Publication Charges... Absolute Free...

For Ph.D. Submission, UGC Journals are not required.

You can submit Paper anytime. There is nothing like Call for Papers

Our Journals will be re-included in UGC Approved Journals List Very Soon.


Two Simple Steps to Publish Paper


(1) Type Your Paper in Microsoft Word.

(You can use any font, any formatting style, any margin)

(Write Name, Designation, Email, Contact No., Address in Paper)

(If Paper is in Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, send font with Paper)

(2) Send Your Paper to issnjournal@gmail.com

Done. We will review and reply to you.


Ten Important Instructions

(1) We don't charge for publication. Publication is free.

(2) Don't call unnecessarily asking for status of paper.

(3) We will reply to you when paper is reviewed.

(4) We don't provide Print Copy.

(5) We only provide Free Online PDF and Scanned Certificate.

(6) You can buy Print Copy from Pothi.com at around Rs.300 - Rs.400.

(7) Don't ask us for urgent publication.

(8) Publication will come / upload at our convenience.

(9) Don't Call us unnecessarily.

(10) Call us only between 7:00 pm to 12:00 pm except emergency.



Kindly contact us on (+91) 9978394843 for any inquiry

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