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About us

Publish World is a renowned network of Research Journal Publication Agency and Book Publication Agency. The Main Objective of Publish Word is to promote research activity and publication. Presently, Publish World is associated with Five Research Journal & Book Publication Agencies. It also promotes self-publishing of Book.


Our Research Journals

Our all Research Journals are International Multidisciplinary Monthly Refereed Research Journals. Our Journals cover all disciplines including Arts, Science, Commerce, Social-Sciences, and Engineering. The Languages of Research Paper are English, Hindi , Sanskrit & Gujarati. It is monthly published journals. Researchers are honoured with Certificate and Print Copy of Journal. Our journals function as an excellent online research paper which focuses on discourse in academics discipline. The scope of articles for our journals includes case studies, theoretical and empirically based research. All manuscripts shall be peer reviewed and selection shall be based on the strength of quality, originality and contribution to knowledge.


Disciplines Covered: All Subjects & All Displines



Our mission is to contribute to the progress and application of scientific discoveries, by providing free access to research information online without financial, legal or technical barriers. All International Research Journals articles will be freely distributed and available from multiple websites. The Journal stresses on academic excellence, research rigor, knowledge dissemination, and collaborative scholarly efforts.


  • To train for the expertise of researchers in writing, peer review and journal
  • To recognize the achievements of researchers, research leaders and research institutions; and
  • To disseminate, publish and utilize multidisciplinary and discipline-specific research journals.



To be recognized globally as a stakeholder in the academic community and to be a contributor in expanding the frontiers of knowledge.



  • To publish original innovative and novel research articles
  • To encourage scholars to write their research ideas without worrying about complex process
  • Fast Publication and Open Access
  • To encourage scholars to write high quality research papers



  • To get recognition worldwide
  • Expert Double Blind Peer - Review
  • Fast and Quality Publication


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