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1. Editing of the research journal is processed without any remittance. The selection and publication is done after recommendation of subject expert Referee.


2. Thoughts, language vision and example in published research paper are entirely of author of research paper.  It is not necessary that both editor and editorial board are  satisfied by the research paper. The responsibility of the matter of research paper is entirely of author.


3.  In any Condition if any National / International university denies to accept the research paper published in the Journal then it is not the responsibilities of Editor, Publisher and Management.


4. Before re-use of published research paper in any manner, it is compulsory to take written acceptance from Chief Editor unless it will assume as disobedience of copyright rules.


5.  All the legal undertaking related to this research journal are subjected to be hearable at Gujarat jurisdiction only.


6. If we donít have reviewer of any unlisted subjects, we will invite guest reviewers for those kinds of subjects


7. All efforts are made to ensure that the published information is correct. Publish World is  not responsible for any errors caused due to oversight or otherwise


8. RNI is not applicable to our journals because they are Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal.




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